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Magnus The Mongoose

Magnus The Mongoose

by Alison Latchman (Author), Marlo Scott (Illustrator) 


Ages: Pre-School to Grade 1

Pages: 24

A tale of Caribbean adventure full of culture, discovery and real pickney fun!

Magnus the Mongoose is seen by everyone but only understood by children. Magnus and Patch the Donkey appear during break time to take the Shelly, Muka, Amita, Ricky and Tuffy (the SMARTs) on varied adventures. The SMARTs climb into bankra baskets, which hang on each side of Patch. Of course, their journey never goes smoothly! Rolie the Calf blocks their path and causes delays with his annoying antics.

With the help of the Smart Book they explore the island and learn about the melting pot of wonder that is the rich Caribbean culture, all while having fun in the sun!

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